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「Nagoya City Subway Meiko Line」inside of Station


This share house makes your daily life exciting. There is a barbeque space and a theater room! It’s only a three-minute walk to the nearest station.


A three-minute walk to Tsukiji-guchi Station on the Meiko Line
A nine-minute ride to Kanayama Station and an 18-minute ride to Sakae Station
This share house makes your daily life exciting. There is a barbeque space and a theater room! It’s only a three-minute walk to the nearest station.
【Lots of great promotions available!】

Multiple Share180° Kanayama-Higashi In Campaign

A 12-minute walk to Kanayama Station on the Meijo Line, the JR Line, and the Meitetsu Line
A 13-minute walk to Higashibetsuin Station on the Mijo Line
1.5 kilometers to Tsurumai Station on the Tsurumai Line and the JR Line
A large share house with 36 rooms in the popular Kanayama area♪
Newly-built share house with huge 8M tall bouldering!


5 minutes walk from Tokai-dori Station on the Meikou Line
10 minutes walk from Minato-ward Office Station on the Meikou Line
(13 minutes by train to Sakae Station)
Newly-built share house with huge 8M tall bouldering!
【Special Discount for English Native Speaker:Permanataly 5,000yen off from monthly rent!】

English Share 180° KANAYAMA In Campaign

9 minutes from Kanayama station on the JR Chuo line
7 minutes from Otobash' station on the JR Tokaido main line
9 minutes from Kanayama station! Clean and Comfortable living room &kitchen!
For people looking
for a place that changes their lives.
At Share 180, we provide a space where you can change your life..

Hours open 09:00〜18:00(7 days a week)

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