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Happy New Year

Hi everyone!

This is Internship Trainee Yinong,

I’m going to share my story with you every week.

# Hi 2019!

Happy New Year everybody! It’s my first day of working this year, hope you all had a great new year holiday with your family or friends!


# New year’s words

In China, we have Chinese New Year which is the most popular festival in one year, while in Japan this New Year is the most important one. On the 1st Jan, when I walked on the street, I had the same feeling like Chinese New Year. Only a few people in the street, shops are closed, the traffic looked quiet. It seemed everyone is staying at home and celebrating with their family, the air was full of harmony and joy. But we also need to appreciate those who were still working on the New Year’s Day, the bus driver, the security officer, the post office staff who work 24 hours, they deserve to be respected.


# Wish for the new year

For the past 2018, whether it’s defined as good or bad, it has been the past, so it’s more important to look forward to this coming 2019. As a staff of Share180, I hope each of our residents and staff can make a progress in 2019. I hope we can live better, enjoy more comfort and happiness and have more good memory in our share house. At the same time, I wish every one to work happily and live healthily, making 2019 your lucky year!




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