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Pet Share180° Kamiida

A three-story building! The share house where you can live with your pet that comes with a grooming room
36,000 yen~
5 minute walk from Kamiiida Station on the Kamiiida Line

A total of 12 rooms and a three-story high share house.

Only a 5 minute walk from Kamiiida Station on the Kamiiida line,
And a 15 minute walk from the Heian-dori station on Meitetsu Line.
The location where the share house was built is also convenient to go to Komaki or Inuyama.

The concept color of the house is refreshing blue, yellow, and green which was used for the appearance of the house.

A spacious living room, kitchen, and big dining table are inside the house, all of them are good to use. Even if you don’t have a pet, you still could enjoy a relaxing life here.

Would you like to live in a new house and have a fun time with pets here?:)

the entrance was set up with the keycard access system, it is easy to go in and out.
besaides, every tenant has a 3-tier shoe box to put your shoes.

In the kitchen, everyone has an individual space of refrigerator and storage space. You don’t need to go back to your room to grab it.

If you are a user of the video streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon prime, you can access your account to wall-mounted TV in the living room.
Watch movies and dramas with friends, what a great time!
By the way, access to the Nagoya Dome is also convenient.
How about going to watch a baseball game sometime?

All the toilets from 1st floor to 3rd floor were equipped with Washlet. On 2nd floor and 3rd floor, there are shower room and bathroom (2nd floor only). Others like washing machine, electronic dryer, and washstand were prepared.

Every single room has a bed, mattress, air-conditioner, curtain and lights. All you need to bring in is a comforter.


<Contents of Facilities and Services>

■The grooming room is for taking care of your important pets.

We have installed comprehensive facilities that are only available at pet shops.

  •  A sink for pets
  •  A bath and laundry machine just for pet accessories
  •  A trimming table
  •  Dryers

It will be fun to care for your own or other’s pets!


■A play area where the pets can have fun freely.

We made a play area that has artificial turf and roof for pets.
Even on a rainy day, the pets still could play together without stress.
And also we prepare lots of toys for pets.


When it comes to the merit of share house, have you ever canceled the travel plan just because you could not find a person who can take care of your pet?
However, you can always find a tenant in the share house to give you a hand.


Others features

  •  Foot bath
  •  Special waste bin
  •  Leash hook
  •  Gate to prevent pets from fleeing
  •  Books on how to care for your pets

…and much more!


■Other services

  •  Training courses (free)
  •  Trimming sessions by professionals(charged)
  •  Pet sitting by professionals (charged)
  •  Information about nearby facilities (pet hotels, veterinarians, and pet shops)

*Services and facilities are subject to change.
**The maximum number of pets per room is one.

Information MORE
Address Kita-ward, Nagoya City, Aichi
Access 5 minute walk from Kamiiida Station on the Kamiiida Line
Rent 36,000 yen~
Communal Fee 6,500 yen(tax excluded)
Utility Fee 9,000 yen
Security Deposit 1 month rent
Key Money None
Contract Period Over three months
Conditions Both male and female, also available for foreigners
※over 18 years old,under 39 years old
Number of Households 14 rooms
Additional Services Grooming Room/Play Room

Common Facilities

Living room: TV, sofa, dining table, etc…
Bathroom: One bathroom and two shower rooms
Laundry: Four washing machines and four dryers

In-Room Facilities

bed/desk/chair/air conditioner/lights
※The facilities will be different according to the room


[nearby] AEON 9 minutes walk(800m)/drug store 2 minutes(200m)/AOKI supermarket 6 minutes walk(650m)/kahma 12 minutes walk(1100m)

Vacancies Condition

It is a list of rooms that we are currently recruiting

Room No. / Condition Information Rent(JPY) Communal Fee(JPY) Utility Fee(JPY) Pets 2 occupants Available Notes Contact
Form : Single
Type : Western-style room
Area(㎡) : 5.4
42,000 6,500 (tax excluded) 9,000 OK
Form : Single
Type : Western-style room
Area(㎡) : 4.9
41,000 6,500 (tax excluded) 9,000 OK

To those who saw Pet Share180° Kamiida
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New open in March 2019! It also has a co-working space! One of the largest share houses in the Northern half of Japan.

SHARE HOUSE 180° Kanazawa

29,000 - 39,000 yen per month
※Co-working space is available at the following times when living in this house.
Weekdays (Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00) 2,900 yen per month(Excluding tax)
Weekends (Sat & Sun 9:00-19:00) 2,400 yen per month(Excluding tax)
Daytime (Anytime 9:00-19:00) 3,400 yen per month(Excluding tax)
15 minutes by bus from Kanazawa Station. 3 minutes walk from bus stop “Ishibikimachi.”
※Walking distance from Kanazawa University
New open in March 2019! It also has a co-working space! One of the largest share houses in the Northern half of Japan.
A quaint Japanese share house with a nostalsic atomosphere


A 15-minute bus ride from JR Kanazawa Station
A 5-minute walk from Kita Tesu bus stop in Korinbo, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Hirosaka.
A quaint Japanese share house with a nostalsic atomosphere
Due Out
4,000 yen off per month during the stay
※Only for limited rooms
『180° transfer plan』
One month's rent is 50% OFF!

English Share 180° Sakurahonmachi Campaign

29,000 yen〜
1 minute from Sakuradori line Sakurahonmachi station
5 minutes from Meitetsu Sakura station
Lets's exchange language everyday!!
By all means, knowing about us
Please contact Pet Share180° Kamiida.
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