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SHARE HOUSE180° Heiandori

Wine & Cats: The Feeling of a Bar at Home
42,000 yen〜46,000 yen
1 minutes walk from Heiandori station (Meijo/Kamiiida line)
11 minutes walk from Kamiiida station (Kamiiida/ Meitetsu Kodak line)

Wine & Cats: The Feeling of a Bar at Home♪
Enjoy Wine while Living with Cats in this Luxury Share House


SHARE HOUSE180° Heian-Dori is a share house created around the concept of cats and wine.

Every month wine is delivered, for free, to the house. Unwind in the luxurious and relaxing living room while enjoying conversations and wine parties with your housemates.


The house is equipped with a wine cellar and wine glass hanger, creating a bar-like adult-oriented atmosphere.

The living room also contains an approximately 50-inch TV and home theater system.

With a sofa and raised tatami mat platform, that you can use just like regular tatami mats, you can enjoy watching sports and movies in this relaxing space.


On the balcony off the living room, there is a stylish outdoor sofa known as a daybed.

You can enjoy a luxurious space reminiscent of an open café.

Enjoy the view from the 6th and 7th floors, both of which get plenty of sunlight.


The house is divided into two floors, the 6th and 7th. Rooms on the 7th floor allow you to live with the resident cats.

Floors on the 7th floor are made from tile carpet, both to be easy on your legs, and to make the rooms comfortable for both people and cats.
Also, taking the scratching and spraying actions into consideration, strong, anti-odor, cloth has been affixed to the walls.

We created the rooms with life with the cats in mind.


・A 30 sec walk from Heian-Dori subway station. (Meijo line/Kamiiida line)
・An 11 minute walk from Kamiiida station. (Kamiiida line/ Meitetsu Komaki line)
・An 11 minute direct subway ride to Sakae station.


・Direct bus to Sakae & Nagoya.

※ A bus stop is located right in front of the house

There are four supermarkets within a 10-minute walk, making it an extremely easy-to-live environment.
A truly convenient location, SHARE HOUSE 180° Heian-Dori.
Enjoy a unique house life with wine and cats.

Information MORE
Address Kita-ward,Nagoya city
Access 1 minutes walk from Heiandori station (Meijo/Kamiiida line)
11 minutes walk from Kamiiida station (Kamiiida/ Meitetsu Kodak line)
Rent 42,000 yen〜46,000 yen
Communal Fee 4,000 yen(tax excluded)
Utility Fee 9,000 yen
Security Deposit Rent for one month
Key Money None
Contract Period more than 6 months
Conditions Both male and female, also available for foreigners
※over 18 years old,under 39 years old
Number of Households 7 rooms
Additional Services free wine delivery once a week

Common Facilities

Living : Wine cellar, Home theatre, TV, Sofa, Dining table
1 Bath room
Laundry:washing machine, clothes dryer

In-Room Facilities

※The facilities will be different according to the room


MaxValue 5 minutes(550m)/AEON 9 minutes(650m)/AOKI 9 minutes(700m)/The Challenge House(YAMANAKA) 6 minutes(450m)/UFJ bank 5 minutes(550m)/drug store 8 minutes(600m)

Vacancies Condition

It is a list of rooms that we are currently recruiting

Room No. / Condition Information Rent(JPY) Communal Fee(JPY) Utility Fee(JPY) Pets 2 occupants Available Notes Contact
Form : Western-style room
Type : single
Area(㎡) : 7.27
42,000 4,000 (tax excluded) 9,000
Due Out
Form : Western-style room
Type : single
Area(㎡) : 10.61
46,000 4,000 (tax excluded) 9,000 Cat ok Available:

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By all means, knowing about us
Please contact SHARE HOUSE180° Heiandori.
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