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The people are good! The location is good! Come enjoy a nice, laid-back stay with friends in “SHARE HOUSE 180° Kurokawa”♪
12 minutes walk from Kurokawa Station on Meijo line
6 minutes from Kurokawa Station to Sakae station by 1 subway directly
20 minutes to Sakae by bike
『180° transfer plan』
One month's rent is 50% OFF!

It is a 12-minute walk from the Kurokawa station on the Meijo Line.
SHARE HOUSE 180 ° KUROKAWA has friendly tenants and a convenient location.You can go to “Sakae” by train in about 7 minutes, or about 20 minutes by bicycle.


Large and easy to use kitchen & dining & living room


If you enter the house, the first thing that catches your eyes is a living room with a size of 20 tatamis (33 m²), and a big communication board (blackboard).
Tenants here are spending their relaxing time with their friends by their own ways.
The white chair placed on the side allows you to take a nap easily and comfortably.
In addition, lying on the sofa, or sitting in front of the TV and watching movies together is also a good way to enjoy live!
On the other side, there is an open kitchen, which is not only easy to use in cooking, but also close to the refrigerator. There is also a bar table in the middle to temporarily put the ingredients, it is a very easy to use kitchen in many ways.


”So many men, so many minds”


Each room is designed in a different color to express our theme of ‘So many men, so many minds’.
Depending on the room there is a mini kitchen, a bath, and a toilet in your room, so you can spend your own private time freely.


Great location

You can easily access Nagoya’s center town and lots of useful facilities can be found all around. 3 supermarkets and one of them is open 24 hours.
Clinics are also near by if needed, and not to forget restaurants and convenience stores. This is a great location, indeed!

The tenants who stay in this convenient share house are also very kind.
Don’t take too much care, but care for each other.
Not a family relationship, but like friends.
People are living together in a nice relationship more like cousins somehow.

One of the characteristics of this house is that few people move away after moving in.
It also represents that the living environment here is really good, right?
So whether it’s a newcomer to Share House or a tenant who is used to Share House, SHARE HOUSE180° Kurokawa is really perfect for you!


Please do not hesitate to contact us 🙂



Information MORE
Address Kita-ward, Nagoya city
Access 12 minutes walk from Kurokawa Station on Meijo line
6 minutes from Kurokawa Station to Sakae station by 1 subway directly
20 minutes to Sakae by bike
Rent 39,000yen~
Communal Fee 4,000 yen(tax excluded)
Utility Fee 9,000 yen
Security Deposit Rent for one month
Key Money None
Contract Period over 6 month
Conditions Both male and female, also available for foreigners
※over 18 years old,under 39 years old
Number of Households 7 rooms

Common Facilities

Lounge, 50-inch TV, sofa, blue-ray recorder, hammock chair,
4 bathrooms (including one in en-suit rooms)

In-Room Facilities

※The facilities will be different according to the room


[nearby] Valor supermarket 4 minute by walk(260m)/TOP ONE supermarket 6 minute walk(450m)/PIAGO supermarket 9 minute walk(700m)/Kahma 2 minute walk(125m)/7-11 6 minute walk(477m)/GEO 3 minute walk(234m)

Vacancies Condition

It is a list of rooms that we are currently recruiting

Room No. / Condition Information Rent(JPY) Communal Fee(JPY) Utility Fee(JPY) Pets 2 occupants Available Notes Contact
Due Out
Form : single
Area(㎡) : 9.8
45,000 4,000 (tax excluded) 9,000 Available:
Form : single
Area(㎡) : 13.9
48,000 4,000 (tax excluded) 9,000 OK Couple OK,Pets OK

To those who saw SHARE HOUSE 180° KUROKAWA
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A quaint Japanese share house with a nostalsic atomosphere


A 15-minute bus ride from JR Kanazawa Station
A 5-minute walk from Kita Tesu bus stop in Korinbo, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Hirosaka.
A quaint Japanese share house with a nostalsic atomosphere
5,000 yen Discount campaign!!
※Limited 2 rooms & only 6 months
Let's stay with us and get to economize a ton !
★① Discount !
You can get 2,000 yen every month to stay in more than 6 months
★② Special Discount !!
You can get 5,000 yen every month to stay in more than 11 months
※Both discount offer are Conditional. And we have a limit.

English Share 180° Osukannon Campaign

45,000 yen〜60,000 yen
12 minutes walk from Osukannon station on the Tsurumai line
※5minutes to Osukannon by bike
8 minutes walk from Meitetsu Sanno station (2 minutes from Sanno Station to Nagoya Station)
12 minutes walk from Higashibetuin station on the Meijou line
Near Osu Kannon! Let's make Japanese friends!
Due Out
4,000 yen off per month during the stay
※Only for limited rooms
『180° transfer plan』
One month's rent is 50% OFF!

English Share 180° Sakurahonmachi Campaign

29,000 yen〜
1 minute from Sakuradori line Sakurahonmachi station
5 minutes from Meitetsu Sakura station
Lets's exchange language everyday!!
By all means, knowing about us
Please contact SHARE HOUSE 180° KUROKAWA.
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