How r u doin??
It’s getting cold, isn’t it?  We had a lot of new tenants since end of summer.

I used to live in NewZealand so since we had three tenants from NZ, there were a lot to talk with them so I am missing a lot for My old good days in NZ. Well we are still looking for our new family members in English Share180°金山

Talking about Newzealand!
You might not know a lot about them but at least! you know there’re ton of sheep more than a number of populations.






Our new house in Fujigaoka [DIY SHARE180°藤が丘], we have one tenants who’s working in Fashion field.
She has this↑

Hock the sheep hairs, and turn round and twist and makes wool!!
Well I had tried this before, OMG so long time to see!! It reminds me a lot.

I was a bit excited (alone) lol
Fujigaoka one is the sharehouse with DIY concept therefore we will definitely make a lot by ourself.
Are you looking for new experiences?  We still have vacancies so let us know if you have an interest!!


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