New service! New life starting up supports for Foreigners

Dear All foreign visitors,

Welcome to Japan!
Share 180°have accepted a lot of foreign tenants.

[Previous nationalities which we have accepted]
America, England, Australia, France, Germany, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, china, European & Asian countries.

We have received a lot of customer testimonials about the complicated application system in Japan

[Would you want a help with such troubles in Japan?]
・We don’t know how to open Japanese Bank account.
・How we can get a cellphone? Procedure?
・Japanese ATM? We can’t understand because EVERYTHING is written in Japanese.
・We feel a big language barrier.
・We don’t understand the procedures of registering at the Japanese ward office.
・What are the first steps after arriving to Japan?

We can provide support in the following situations:

[The contents of service]
◎Address registration support at ward office
◎Advise of sim card purchase for cell phone
◎Bank account registration
◎Support of making INKAN (Japanese stamp) signature
◎Information of surrounding area
(surrounding map, supermarket, convenience stores etc.)
◎Guidance of garbage separation
◎Interpretation service by 180°staff (EN-JP)


(This is a document for registration)



“Sharing is caring” is our motto.

We “SHARE180°staffs” support your new life in Nagoya.


Please contact by mail or phone at this number about our service, fee & any questions
TEL : 050-5307-6875
E-mail :