We are taking care of a lot of sharehouses in Nagoya city.
To keep in touch with tenants, we join share house line groups.
Every houses have a lot of fun moments.
In one houses they are holding welcome party or new comer, in different share house it looks usual, but depends on who and what they do, it shows us funny moment.

Guys, do you cook ??
This is what happens when guy cooks who basically don’t.

He’s shaking LoL
Some other tenants have at first interest, but it soon turned into anxiety …  LOL

↑It feels like mother who watches daughter who is taking a picture of Dad’s cooking.

Anyway, anyhow, his almost first cooking went good with all helps and had lovely dinner  🙂
House in Fujigaoaka still have vacancies, don’t you wanna join us ?? 🙂