Finally, I’m in Japan!! 2018.12.07

English Blog Multiple Share180°八田 その他 各ハウス

Hi everyone! This is Internship Trainee Yinong, I’m going to share my story with you every week.   Introduction-arrival   Being delayed for nearly a month for vis…

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Intership in Nagoya!!!!2018.11.27

English Blog

Hello everyone! This is Yinong, I’m still a university student in New Zealand. I’ll be living and working in Hatta House for the coming two months. I’m trying my best to learn Ja…

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Sushi Night (Fish Taste Night)2018.01.15

English Blog English Share 180°金山のBlog 各ハウス

An invitation went out to our group chat the night before, inviting for a sushi “taste testing session” downstairs in the kitchen. As someone who doesn’t mind the taste of sushi, I…

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2017 Summer camp @ Achi village2017.07.28

Activity180° CLUB180° English Blog イベント -EVENT- 入居者様向けイベント

Hi there, It's Mika. We went on trip to Achi village in Nagano on 15 -16th July with 18 people from several 180 share house. We all enjoyed BBQ, Star gazing, Rafting, River boat …

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Welcome Party2017.03.01

English Blog シェアハウスの日常を覗いてみよう!

Hello,   Welcome Party again!! ★   Yes, it'll be soon spring. It's a season of  meeting new friends and the old leaving. Not only new friends are coming in, but…

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Something Japanese doesn’t notice2017.02.22

English Blog English Share180°名古屋駅北のblog シェアハウスの日常を覗いてみよう! 各ハウス

Hello,   We had again Osusowake from a French tenant. Lovely:)    I actually have once eaten one of them before. While I was talking with tenants, I unintentionally…

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Because it was cold weather …2017.02.15

English Blog English Share 180° 大須観音のBlog シェアハウスの日常を覗いてみよう! 各ハウス

Hello, Once it got warm and cold again and again, it's a bit weird weather. How are you guys?? :)   Don't you have something that you really really really want to ea…

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Time goes by very fast2017.02.08

English Blog シェアハウスの日常を覗いてみよう!

Time goes by by very fast. We just began with SHARE HOUSE 180° KUROKAWA, and it's already passed 3 years. Thank you for all of your help, we spend long time with a lot of ten…

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Osusowake culture2017.01.25

English Blog その他 シェアハウスの日常を覗いてみよう!

Hello!   Do you know the word "Osusowake" ? Osusowake = to share things with somebody. Culturally we used to see this custom in the past. For example, when you  m…

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Foreigners may know things much more than Japanese2017.01.18

English Blog English Share 180°金山のBlog

Hello, How's doin?? Suddenly it became cold. Please take yourself not to catch a cold. :) On my off day, I went to Tokyo hands(for personal purpose). I met new Germany tena…

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So it called cultural difference ⑤2017.01.11

English Blog English Share180°名古屋駅北のblog その他 各ハウス

Hello ~ !! Happy new year !! 2017!! Thank you for 2016. We had a lot of fun and experience through share house. We also would like to make 2017 Great year, so we are looking…

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What your X’mas gift ??2016.12.28

English Blog Simple Share180°岩塚 各ハウス

Hi!!   Merry X'mas!!(it's already 3 days passed) We have hold this annual event!! We have hold X'mas party in Iwatsuka new sharehouse this year !! More than 20 pp…

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New service start!!2016.12.21

English Blog English Share 180° 大須観音のBlog English Share 180°金山のBlog English Share180°名古屋駅北のblog SHARE HOUSE180°オフィシャルニュース イベント -EVENT- シェアハウスの日常を覗いてみよう! 入居者様向けイベント 各ハウス

We have started new service !!     The name is ... 『Language Exchange system』     ◼︎??What is Language exchange system?? This system offers opportunities to study and learn…

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