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Winter is here!!


Hey everybody, It’s me, Yinong here. How’s everyone’s last weekend? A new week starts again, and the 3rd week of my job comes. Just a reminder here that we will be holding two events in Sakurahonmachi and Kanayama on this weekend. Don’t forget to join us and have fun in tea&coffee tasting!




#Cold winter is here

It seems to be in a night, the yellow and red leaves in Nagoya all fell from the tree. Also it’s in one night, I can’t just wear pajama in my room, though I have an air conditioner, down jacket is always necessary. Hope everyone can take good care of themselves and keep warm in winter.

#Looking forward to some snow

From the temperature and wind I feel the true winter is here, but we always treat snow as the real symbol of winter. Maybe some day I will need to go to Hokkaido and find large bunch of snow there!



#Some winter food

Cold winter is coming, we need something to keep ourselves warm. In China people often have hot pot together, especially hot spicy flavour, that makes them feel warm. In Japan my housemates invited me to eat something called Nabe, when I saw it I realized it was the Japanese version of hot pot, but just not spicy. To be honest the flavour was good, and they prefer eating it with vinegar and some soy sauce, such a traditional way!





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