ホームLIBRARY180イベント入居者様向けイベントNew service start!!

New service start!!

We have started new service !!
The name is …
『Language Exchange system』
◼︎??What is Language exchange system??
This system offers opportunities to study and learn together.
We will introduce our tenancies each other who’d like to learn Languages.
Languages aren’t only Japanese, English but also other languages are okay.
※We only offer this service who stays in English Share House.
We, share180 is expanding English Share Houses as one of our unique House series.
(New tenancies are waiting for vacancy! The most popular Share house English Share180°kanayama )
One of purposes of English Share House is to exchange cultural differences, learn languages through this environment.
It is for sure that people can learn and know a lot through this Share House, moreover we hope this  『Language exchange system』 can help more for learning Languages.
We will introduce tenancies who registered in our system and also want to learn Foreign languages.*
We just started couple of days before, but we already have several applications.
This is going be a big fun for tenancies♪
You can brush up your second(or third) languages through this system ★★


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