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What your X’mas gift ??



Merry X’mas!!(it’s already 3 days passed)
We have hold this annual event!!

We have hold X’mas party in Iwatsuka new sharehouse this year !!

More than 20 ppl joined from all over sharehouses in Nagoya city 🙂
That was a great fun, we’d like to write about X’mas more detail on next Blog.

Anyway, talking about X’mas!! We did Gift exchange!! This is common part of all over the world’s X’mas.
What is your X’mas gift ?? 🙂
Some got Chocolates, some got face pack etc… and one of  tenants in Iwatuska got a Japanese calligraphy set. All of them thought he uses it for doing calligraphy.


Today I visited Iwatuska sharehouse….
IMG_2738 IMG_2739


That’s not how to use it for !! LoL



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