One chicken wings night

This is about one chicken wings night.


You know, Yamachan of the world.
This is one of absolutely famous in Nagoya.

Most of people who’s visited here tried this dishes.

One night we had chicken wings night with tenants in English share 180 Osukannon.


Nice beer & nice foods, we ofc got drunk in an hour and  started showing how their really faces are.
One started crying, one started L(ing)oL, one started skyping and one kept silence… wow

We aren’t really individual LoL
We do frankly chatting when new tenant(suppose to be) visit to our house, and felt like we have understood how they are. But it is not. not at all haha.

Unique  people tend to come to sharehouse, but they are like pieces  of puzzle and once living together, they make an un-expectable harmony  and really fit and help each other.

and we call it fun! Sadly speaking, one guy are moving out this month, but we all are waiting for new unique piece (you☆



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