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So it called cultural difference ⑤

Hello ~ !!
Happy new year !! 2017!!

Thank you for 2016. We had a lot of fun and experience through share house.
We also would like to make 2017 Great year, so we are looking forward to seeing you everyone !! 🙂

2017 starts ! We have new tenant from France to English Share180°Meiekikita☆
(↑ Taken in sharehouse lounge)

It’s always fun to hear about cultural differences.
This time, it was about 「Door Lock」↓

This is a photo of entrance door lock.
When knob stays wall side, it locks but when it stays door side, it basically opens in Japan.
As I have experienced New Zealand and Germany were same with Japan.
But it is opposite in France so she told me she always gets confused.

We can always experience new through Share house‼
English Share180°Meiekikita still has vacancies. Why don’t you start with NEW experience in Our sharehouse !?



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