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Image of Share house


Share House.
It is originated from Westan Countries and we Japanized it and running as SHAREHOUSE in Japan now.

What’s the image of sharehouse??
Dirty? Small?

I’ve heard something they have kinda Dirty&messy place.
From my experience, yes, some of them are actually so messy (and it might be actually truth&figure of share house in a lot of meaning..

But if you want to settle down in one place, you want to stay tidy place, don’t you?
Our share house has proper cleaning service + Room cleaning to every vacancies.



They clean the room every nook and cranny. Even if air-conditioner, they take two hours for next tenants.
Don’t worry, Be happy, And Stay comfortable bbb

What’s the image of sharehouse now ?? 🙂


For people looking
for a place that changes their lives.
At Share 180, we provide a space where you can change your life..

Hours open 10:00〜19:00(7 days a week)