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National pension


Today We’d like to talk about minutiae.

After ppl are moving out, we sometimes get such a Dunning letter in a post.
I am thinking this is kind a proof that they are giving up(or couldn’t handle)


This is what the most complicated part of Japaneses pension system but what you can not ignore. Yes, it’s tough.
Maybe, you once have thought”oh,anyway I gonna going out. so lets treat it as I didn’t see”.

Nop. It is an obligation for ANYONE who stays in Japan. Technically, it might be illegal if you are found that you don’t pay it.
On the HP, technical words are lined(idk on purpose or not) and even for Japanese, it’s hard to understand perfectly.
First of all, we don’t learn about it properly either. And they ask YOU to obey it.
It’s usual that foreigners face it and feel like to run away LoL

As a result, once you pay, feeling like you waste money, but you can refund when you move out from Japan.(And ofc you have to face refund documents and makes it feel you appalled again)
Comparing with other countries, tax rate is pretty low and that’s why this system might be key for our insurance after retiring.

Once you overcome it, you can be definitely proud that you did quite well in Japanese society and it’s gonna be good souvenir story for after going back.
Well but even if not, we will help a lot in those troubles.

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