ホームLIBRARY180その他So called, culture difference ①

So called, culture difference ①



This time, we’d like to talk about general but important topic.
Mysterious country, Japan. We have long history how previous Japan is being created.

As you can see train schedule or find on Books, our culture is really strict to “Time”.


This is an example often happened in Daily life.
Once we(Japanese) hold a party, we announce time when to start.

If the party opens at 18:00, people come before 18:00. Even if they are late, it is within 10 mins in general.
Once I’ve been to other country and invited to house party, I went to place just on time and I was said.

“Too early, why Japanese ?”LOL ← this is seriously what he said to me.

It was first time to feel so called ”culture diffrence”.
That means, in Japan if you don’t want to miss foods or drinks, you’d better be there on time or have big regret.
It’s also usual, if you do cancellation, please let them know you can not join.
We don’t show it on the face, but Dark side might rise up in their mind.  LOL

Let’s enjoy such a difference in Japan.
We do party often.Waiting for you to join us ~!!☆

↓So I didn’t miss food last time !




営業時間 10:00〜19:00(年中無休)