It’s been almost 2 months passed since Our Newsharehouse in DIY SHARE180°藤が丘has opened★
We went to Home Improvement center for getting inspiration of New DIY activities. 
(↑we took Linear motor car)

Do you know we call it “Home Center” in Japanese? 😛
When you have a opportunity to visit there, this is gonna work.  

In a word”DIY”, there are many kind of DIY.
Using ropes, Metal wire, ofc simply wooden one is the basic of DIY.


Tying/Surrounding object with rope, we will make small Accessories.


Door, desk, chairs whatever we will make. 
It is little bit earlier but we will make a X’mas wreath too. 🙂

We still have some vacancies on DIY SHARE180°藤が丘.
We are waiting for you to join our company 🙂