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Hi everyone!

This is Internship Trainee Yinong,

I’m going to share my story with you every week.


#Merry Xmas

Hi everybody! This week, everywhere seems to be themed as Christmas, especially in the department stores, Santa is everywhere! I’m continuing my life and work in Share house Hatta as usual, but sadly it’s maybe only one week left for me to live here TAT. After new year I will be moving to the south-eastern part of Nagoya, our English Share Sakurahonmachi is there, and in the coming 3 weeks I will be living there and continue my work. It seems it’s cheaper to live there, let’s see!


#Crazy walk

Using my day off, I walked from my share house Hatta to Nagoya station. Taking JR from Hatta to Nagoya Station only takes 5mins, while Google Map tells me walking there takes around an hour. So, I started the trip by walking along the railway. And the truth was, it took me 50mins to walk there, and my speed was 4.8km/h, compared to JR’s 60km/h, the 1-hour walk makes sense. But anyway, it helped me save 200yen, and I spent it on a small Santa in JR Takashimaya.



My last week’s food had a lot to do with the word ‘Suki’ in Japanese. I tasted お好み焼きwith delicious fish inside, and牛すき鍋afterwards. In the cold winter, such yummy food is really a good choice, the Nabe with noodle inside tasted very similar to the Hot Pot of China, but the sauce on the beef tastes even better, I will definitely try it next time.



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