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Intership in Nagoya!!!!

Hello everyone!

This is Yinong, I’m still a university student in New Zealand. I’ll be living and working in Hatta House for the coming two months. I’m trying my best to learn Japanese, and I love travel and soccer. I’m more than happy to hear and share life stories with everyone. Please feel free to come to me for a casual chat, thanks a lot!



Living has always been an important part of people’s life, everyone would need a place to relax after a whole day’s work. For someone who needs a rent, Sharehouse is obviously a genius idea. There’re both peace and vitality in a Sharehouse. The private and quiet space in your own room give you quietness, whereas the large and fully-equipped living room allows you to chat and laugh as much as you want. As someone who is always interested in Japanese culture, an opportunity of working in such a company is of no doubt attractive to me.

After a few days of experience in Nagoya, the first impression comes to my mind is respect. It’s not only the narrowly-described word between people, but also the attitude of people here towards what they are doing. You can see the serious face of the workers, focusing on their job whether it’s easy or hard. You can also see the genuine smile on sales’ faces even near the end of a day’s business. They put one hundred percent into their job and are always trying to do better.

As what was already planned, I’ll be staying in Nagoya for the coming 2 months. However, I ‘ve already started to feel that time is so limited, not enough for me to learn and experience everything here. The friendly mates and great equipment almost make me forget about the house I lived back in New Zealand. Last but not the least, I love the Bento box here so much! 


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