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Daily life in Nagoya!!The food here in Japan is so good!!

#Weekends coming soon

Hi everyone, this is Yinong from Share180. A week has almost finished, hope everyone had a good week of work and life. I will keep my working in this share house and please feel free to come to me if you have any question.


#Living in Nagoya

It has been almost two weeks since my arrival to Nagoya. I didn’t even realize time flies so fast. As most office workers do, I lived a very regular but fun life. Most of the daytime were spent on work, then in the evening, enjoying a good meal and walking around is absolutely a necessity.



#About food

I have to say, the food here in Japan is so good!

Actually I was worrying about how can I survive in Japan because I’m allergic of seafood. However, the increasing number of weight indicates that there are so many yummy food in Nagoya which feed me so well. From dessert to beef, from Ramen to rice ball, I feel like I couldn’t stop eating. What’s more, my considerate friends even made a list of hundreds of delicious all across Nagoya, maybe they are afraid of letting me hungry for any single minute.




# shopping

When December comes, we know Christmas is getting closer and closer, many stores have started their sale. Walk around the shopping malls, I’m sure you will find the great deals! I got my favourite Sony headphone recently, with a discount of 16% off, so good that was!



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