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To the capital

# Introduction

Hi everyone, this is Yinong from Share180. Here is my blog for the week8, sadly it’s my last week of work in Share180, how time flies! Last weekend, I went to Tokyo and Yokohama for sightseeing, and then headed to Tokai and had a look at the Coca-Cola plant. It was really an amazing weekend full of fun, but when realizing it was my last weekend in Nagoya, I became a bit upset.

# Tokyo

I flew to Tokyo on the morning of Sat, Narita Airport was really far from city, it took me about 90 mins to get to the city. I went to Uneo first, but there were too many people lining there, waiting to see the panda Xiangxiang. Then I said to myself ‘You’d better fly back to China and see many animals there’. After that I went to the University of Tokyo, and see how the best University in Japan is like. It’s somehow surprising for me that it’s comparatively closed, I haven’t seen a university with fences for a long time, but the luxury and classical buildings inside really impressed me a lot.

What was also shocking was, the transportation in Tokyo is even cheaper compared to Nagoya, taking the JR or Subway for one stop costs less than Nagoya. But the accommodation was the same. I lived in a single room near Tokyo Station, it was around 7000yen per night, more expensive than Sapporo and Nagoya.

# Time with friends in Coca-Cola plant

On Monday which was a public holiday, I went to the Coca-Cola Tokai plant with my friends. It was a kind of charity visit, so it’s totally free. We had a brunch together and then took Meitetsu there. We watched the advertisements from last century, tasted the latest drink, and then listened to the story of Coca-Cola in Japan. After that, I occasionally got to meet a girl who is also having her internship in Nagoya, and she works in a company in Kanayama, but her internship period is 6 months, much longer than my 2 months. By that time I start to feel reluctant to leave Nagoya, leave in such a good share house that I’m living in.


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