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Eating Out with housemates @English Share180° SAKURAHONMACHI

Hello All


It’s Yuki from 180°:)


Our share houses have concepts such as DIY or Music.

I’d like to introduce one of the most popular concepts of our share houses in this blog:)


It’s international interaction!

We have 5 houses called English Share 180°

People living here love to study English, and they are happy to help you with your Japanese.

So if your not very confident in Japanese, they are the house for you!

Also, many of them have traveled abroad, or if they haven’t they are interested in traveling. 

Sharing travel experiences with them must be fun too!


Today I’ll show you daily life in

English Share180° SAKURAHONMACHI


The staff and our tenants had dinner together the other day:)

This restaurant was one of our tenant’s recommendation!



People from Vietnam, China, Chile, and Japan live in this house at the moment.


If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us


I’ll show you the other English Share houses soon!

See you till then : )


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