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New life in Sakurahonmachi

Hi everyone!

This is Internship Trainee Yinong,

I’m going to share my story with you every week.

# Farewell to Hatta

As planned before, I made a move to another share house of our company, which is located in the South District of Nagoya. It is just beside the Sakurahonmachi Subway Station, but still far from my previous house. When I said goodbye on Line to my housemates in Hatta, I was quite moved. My housemates all said goodbye and blessed me. The share house was like a big family as I said on the first day I came, of course I will remember the house with precious memories, it’s a great fortune stored in my memory of Japan.


# Say HI to Sakurahonmachi

Thanks to my colleague Hideyuki who has a car to carry my suitcases, I got to move smoothly into my new home in Sakurahonmachi. It’s a pretty new and well-decorated share house, with a comparatively cheaper rental. It’s also an English-themed share house, so it’s not too hard for me to communicate here. We held an event in this share house before, so I got to know some of my housemates, and the most impression left to me was… Their cooking was really good! Last time’s Nabe made me quite satisfied, I miss the food the cooked!


# My room

My new room is larger and brighter, with a French Window and a BIG desk, enough to put my laptop and iPad on at the same time. And the wardrobe also has a large storage space, but the upper level is a bit tall, sometimes I even need a chair to get the things at the back. It’s on the 6th and close to the street, with a good view. However, it had a little bit noise like 60db in the morning and afternoon peak, but that’s reasonable.




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