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#That 72 hrs

I used to watch a popular documentary shot by NHK called 72hrs. It follows the participant’s life continuously for 72 hours, trying to show the audiences a real life on the screen. So this time, I want to use this method to show you how my common life is during my internship stay in Nagoya, in our share house.

Day1 08:00

A new day starts from the morning. Dressing myself up and go to the kitchen, then put milk and bread into the Microwave, heat them up. After finishing the breakfast, my work starts.

09:00 Start up my laptop, check the emails and so on, one day’s work start.

12:30 Time for lunch. Repeat the same procedure, but just a little more complicated. Take the bento box out and heat up, cut some pineapples and get a Mochi out from the shelf, a perfect work meal comes out.

13:30 Going back to work, having a cup of coffee and work for the whole afternoon.

18:00 Cooking dinner, eating my favourite Soba or Noodle, they are cheap and easy to cook.

20:00 Have my Japanese class

21:00 Going to Aeon mall and buy some food for the next day.

22:00 Watch some TV dramas and go to bed

Day2 07:00

Getting up and dress up, have the same breakfast and go to the Subway station which is just outside the building. That morning I experienced the real morning peak. The station is full of people, everyone was struggling to get into the crowded cabin, but it was still in a good manner.

Day2 09:00 Arriving at the office,

starting a new day’s work in Share180.



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