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Finally, I’m in Japan!!

Hi everyone!

This is Internship Trainee Yinong,

I’m going to share my story with you every week.




Being delayed for nearly a month for visa, eventually I come to Japan, arriving in Nagoya.

When the plane landed, I felt so excited to see this island- my first time to see how it is like in daytime. I came to Tokyo last year but just stayed a night, so this time I will know what a real Japan is like.




My friends from AIESEC NZLC picked me up in the airport, they took so good care of me that I didn’t even need to use my Google Map. Then the first impression started from the train. To be frank I was surprised by the price, 1400 yen’s fare was more expensive than the Metro in Sydney! After 40 minutes’ ride we arrived at Nagoya Station. It was a Friday afternoon, so when I got out of the station, the amount of people there really shocked me! I felt like it’s not Nagoya, but the crowded street in Shanghai!



Impression to the house


After that we reached our share house in Hatta, only a few minutes’ walk from the Hatta station. Firstly, I felt the room was so small, but then I found it has everything we need, there’s even a small kitchen and fridge inside, that was actually a surprise for me. But I still have to stand for the dining room which is my favourite. What this share house in Nagoya attracted me is not only the bright and warm space, but also the atmosphere when housemates gathered together and chat with each other after a day’s work.  They made me feel that it was a real family with so many members, though I’ve just come here for a few days.



Some thinking from daily life


In my high school time, I watched Japanese TV Series a lot, one of my favourites was called Late-night Foodstore. There were so many touching stories happened in a small foodstore, but when sitting and talking with everyone around in different languages, in a trance I felt as if I was the one who’s involved in a true story and got moved, maybe that was the joy we were seeking for by watching Late-night Foodstore.






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