Season of ….



It’s in middle of switching season Autumn to Winter.
I am actually from north part of Japan so comparing with my birthplace, Nagoya is much warmer than there.
I can’t even believe that leaves are still falling down and had blue sunny days.

Yes, but winter is coming.

What do you imagine of winter ??
Snowboarding? Hotpot? Eating oranges in Kotatsu?
(↑Hot pot party  in the dark=it’s called yami-nabe @ English Share Kanayama.
No one can see what they are eating so it’s one of the way of amuzing. 😛 )



It’s season of cold, flu…
I also caught a cold and little bit down.
One of our tenant seems to catch a cold too…(I met him this morning)

It’s not an  obligation but most of ppl go to get a injection for anti-flu vaccine like.

We ofc highly recommend it. It costs about 3,000 yen with an insurance and everyone can take it.
Depends on your countries, there may be several ways to protect your body by virus.
In japan, basic ways are
・Gashing your hands
・Gargling with salt water (after coming back home). etc…


What kind of prevention do you have in your country  ?? 🙂
It must be interesting to talk about this differences.
Take yourself and have a nice winter time !!




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