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My Intership was end!!!

# The countdown to the end

Hi everyone, this is Yinong from Share180. It’s a shame that it’s actually my last blog for our company, to record my life in Nagoya, in this Share house. When the new week started, It seemed that I’ve already heard the countdown bell of the end date. In this week, every morning when I started work, I would tell myself that this is my last week living in this share house. 4 days, 3days… Till today, it comes to an end, the countdown stops, and it means my internship finishes here.

# Thanks for everyone’s support

Before coming to this internship, I know nothing about Japan, and I’ve never really been to Japan. In these two months, I lived in the share house, took trains, buses, airplanes. I worked at home, in the office, and out in the street. I go to supermarkets, convenient stores and 100yen shops. I experienced how the real life of a Japanese office worker is like, and I made many friends here in Nagoya. When living and working in this share house, I always felt that I’m in a big family, being taken care of very well. This experience is unique, it makes my time in Japan a precious memory, and you are the one who make the memory colourful, ありがとうございます!

# I will miss you Nagoya, and see you again

My flight is scheduled to depart on this Sunday, and I will meet my friends in our house, in the station, and in the airport. I believe when the plane really takes off, I will start to miss Nagoya, because there are so much good things here, and I haven’t experienced them all. Maybe next year when I travel to Osaka, I will come back again to see Nagoya, see this beautiful place, and meet my friends here. またお会いしましょう!



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