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How time flies!

#Time flies so fast

Just in a glance, I found I said goodbye to November, then December, then here comes 2019. In a glance, I said goodbye to my 2018 and 5 days’ new year holiday, then came back to work. I will be moving out of the current house I’m living in, and moving to another share house which is also run by our Share180 in Sakurahonmachi.


#New year’s eve

On the last day of 2018, I went to the Outlet in Nagashima, and experienced its hot spring there. It was so crowded, but the price was pretty good there, I bought a lot of clothes for myself. After coming back I had a good evening with our housemates. They made Soba and other yummy Japanese food, but I was the one who stood beside and watched… I was surprised that my housemates could cook so well! I thought we were all men who was not good at cooking at all, but the taste and look really shocked me! And what was more moving was when one of my housemate heard that I will be moving out, he went to cook some crabs for me, though he had already finished his dinner!


#Pray for a good year

On the 2nd day of the new year, I went to the Shrine for the first time with my friends. We made a pray, buying some Omamoris and drawing a divination. Though my divination was not as good as my friend’s, I still feel excited about all the procedures and amazing Japanese culture, and it made me more interested in visiting Asakusa Temple afterwards.



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