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Sushi Night (Fish Taste Night)

An invitation went out to our group chat the night before, inviting for a sushi “taste testing session” downstairs in the kitchen. As someone who doesn’t mind the taste of sushi, I was excited to try some new flavors of sushi.


Little did I know that my electronic friend “Google translator”, translated “fish” as “sushi”….So as you can see from the picture… there was no sushi. So to say I was disappointed we didn’t have sushi available, is an understatement, however that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the time around my roommates. It was nice to see them guess which type of fish they were eating.

Therefore the moral of this article is simple, don’t assume that the translation you get from Google is always correct. You will notice this often as you try to translate bits and pieces of Japanese in Japan, but hey it gives you more motivation to learn Japanese faster IMO.


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