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So called, culture difference ②


Since I’d lived in other countries, I could notice a lot of cultural differences.
(Writer is Japanese)

For some reasons, I used to stay in several countries, I do really  feel  that sense of security management is different comparing with Japan and other countries after coming back here in Japan.


What do you feel if you see that bicycles are parked like this??

This is a parking space which is near our share house.
Even if there’s chain lock, it looks a bit risky to leave them without any other chains without fixed poles etc.
But in japan, no need to worry about stolen. This is so usual.

Not only bicycle case but in general too.

I’ve heard from a lot of foreigners that  it hard to bring back their sense of it after staying here because it’s unbelievably safe and need not to think about it.

And every time when they recognize differences then they remember back their life in Japan too. 🙂

But please lock the door when you go out lol


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