End of year

#lonely night

Now it comes to the end of a year, it seems people now start to prepare for saying goodbye to the previous year and welcoming the new year. On the Xmas eve which was 24th December, I came back to house but there was actually nobody there. Getting used to a lively living room everyday, when I couldn’t see anybody there, it was such a shock. Then I realised it’s Xmas evening, there are so many Xmas party going on. However, since I’ve got work the next day, I almost forget it was a Christmas, but staying by myself till 11pm feels really strange to be frank.

But what’s more surprising, even on the next evening which was 25th December, there was still nobody in the living room. I got confused, Christmas is over, why is everyone still out? Then when I went to Instagram, it gave me the answer: they continued their party from the previous day…



I had a special hair cut this week, done by my Hatta’s housemate Kenta san. After knowing he is a chief barber, I made an appointment with him to cut my hair, in the living room. In that evening, I sat on a chair, and he brought his tools to the living room, he even didn’t need any electricity, just a scissor and a cutter. And it was satisficing because my hair was dealt in a good style, I really hope that I will have another chance to get cut by him.




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