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Share House Property Information



You can visit our houses regardless of new or existing.
If you’re interested in any of our property, feel free to ask a query.

In order to let you examine our houses well, we ask you to make a reservation for a
preview. We will arrange the date with current residents so that you can take a look at rooms.

What's Share House

From the moment when you knock on the door to the house, your life will change…

  • Encouter
    Regardless of nationality, gender, or occupation, all people you meet will be your treasure in life. A new meeting with others may lead you to another encounter.
  • High Quality Life with Low Cost
    No reward or deposit. You can start living soon if there is a vacancy. You can enjoy a high-quality living with well-furnished environment with less expense.
  • Privacy and Community
    Along with a friendly community around the living room, you will also have your own room that protects your privacy. You can enjoy both depending on your feelings.

If you like to be energetic both in work and private life,
seeking for a new lifestyle, come and join us! Concept