Encounters at a share house
with a fascinating atmosphere,
will bring about a change to your lifestyle.

SHARE HOUSE 180° is based in Nagoya,
and operates share houses with various concepts.

The term "share house" does not only mean sharing your residence.
It is about sharing your residence, your time and your thoughts. This is equivalent to sharing your life with others.

We believe that a share house has the potential to achieve this.

Features of SHAREHOUSE180°

A share house where 'encounters with people' happen

There will be a 180° change to people lives. I believe that a share house has this potential.
We offer services that assist your life in the share house.
Designers and staff of SHAREHOUSE 180° come together to carefully design every detail of each and every house. To create a stylish space that is no different from pictures.
In addition, by creating a concept for each house, people with similar interests can gather. You can enjoy sharing your life with others who possess equal interests and are attracted by the same concept.

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Stay in a share house where staff are close by, and enjoy time with companions
# Staff who are like “friends”

The staff of SHAREHOUSE180° have a wealth of experience of living in share houses. Occasionally they will provide support as residents, by living in share houses.
Since the staff are like friends, you can feel free to approach them and talk about the troubles or difficulties you face in your daily life. We are able to provide detailed support.

# Networking with residents beyond the share house “CLUB180°”

"CLUB180°" provides opportunities for residents to interact with each other beyond the share house. There are various clubs such as the photography club, marathon club, tennis club, and even a werewolf club! Being able to start a new hobby, or pursue an interest with like-minded individuals, are major characteristics unique to SHARE HOUSE 180°.

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# Annual events at SHARE HOUSE 180°, ”Activity180°”

Feel free to join annual events planned by the operations department, such as Halloween parties, flower viewings, and barbecues.
This is an experience made possible at SHAREHOUSE180°. Your life will definitely be enriched from the many companions you meet and the experiences you gain.

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A share house free from stress and troubles by following the “rule book”
# “Rule book” formulated from accumulated experiences

There are many people who worry about the possibility of troubles occurring… or stress accumulating… which arises when living with others.
At SHARE HOUSE 180°, we have created our own house rules based on our own experiences in management.

As residents conduct their lives while adhering to our rules, which are based on practical knowledge, we have been able to continue operations with no major problems occurring so far.

# Lead a good shared life in a “clean share house”.

Rules about cleaning and garbage disposal are also included in the rulebook. We hire external contractors to clean, which maintains the cleanliness of the house.

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For people looking
for a place that changes their lives.
At Share 180, we provide a space where you can change your life..

Hours open 10:00〜19:00(7 days a week)

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