Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried if I can get along well with other housemates. Is it possible to cope with it?

There is no need to worry. We usually hold a welcome party when a new tenant comes to the house.
You may feel a bit nervous at the beginning, but surely you’ll get used to the environment as you meet with your housemates everyday and through various kinds of events.
At the same time, we consider a good manner among tenants very important. Each room has a lock and you will have your own time. It’s up to you how you enjoy the life here. So why not try to make the most of this environment?

Are there any queries from foreigners?

So far, we have had contact from people whose nationalities are:
French, Indian, Brazilian, Thai, American, and British. Some of them have actually lived in the house.

Is it economically beneficial to live in the share house?

One of the biggest merits to live in the share house is actually economical.
If you start living alone, you will need approximately 300 thousand yen to pay for deposit, handling fee, purchase furniture and electronic appliances, and moving expenses. On the other hand in the case of living in a share house, all you have to pay is just a deposit (a rent for a month).
The shared space has all furnished and internet-connected, and individual room has a bed. It may depend on each property, but you may be able to cut the moving expense up to 200 thousand yen, as all you have to pay will be 100 thousand at most. In this way, it is one of the merits that you can easily start your new life with minimal expense.

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What is furnished in the house?

It depends on each room-type. All living and dining rooms have necessary appliances such as TV, fridge, and microwave oven. Each room has a bed and storage, so you don’t need to prepare any of these. Just bring your clothes and other belongings.

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Do tenants clean a shared space?

No. At the pace of once a week, a cleaner comes to tidy a shared space up. You need to clean your own room.

Can I enter the house right away?

It is possible if it is vacant. We divide the rent according to the date you have moved in, so there is no difference whether you come at the beginning of the month or the end. If you’re in a hurry, please consult us, as we may be able to meet your needs.

Can I invite my friends to the house?

Of course you can. It will be welcomed, as this is how you and your housemates broaden the connection with various kinds of people. However, you need to notify your schedule to your housemates well in advance, using the mailing list created for the house.
Its rule varies from house to house, so please make sure when you come to take a look at the house.

How old are tenants? What ratio of men and women?

There are a lot of contacts from people in their twenties and thirties. As a rule, the ratio of men and women is 5:5,
a bit more women than men in reality. So both men and women are welcome.

Can a couple (married/unmarried) live in the house?

It depends on each house, but there are some rooms for two persons. Please look at the vacancy in this website.

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Can I make contract without a guarantor?

Possible, but we may charge some extra deposit.

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