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SHARE HOUSE180°offers share houses with various concepts in Nagoya.

“Share house” means not only just sharing space, but also means sharing time and passions by sharing a house.

We consider it as sharing a life.
Sharing a life with people you meet at a share house inspires you and changes your life 180 degrees.

We believe a share house has this special greatness.

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5 Rules to Change Your Life

Some people are worried that living with others can cause trouble or stress...etc.
SHARE HOUSE 180°has set up our original ‘5 rules’ with our experience of managing share houses.
Since our residents lead lives, following these rules, which are full of our know-how, we have kept our houses peaceful without any big troubles.
Let’s try
Try everything you want!
Fun smile
Greet with a smile!
Keep clean
Neat & Tidy!
Help anyone
Help each other at the house!
Share your interests!

Share 180°’s house lists according to theme


All houses were renovated by designers, and the designs with each concept shine. As for sanitation, at least once a week, professional cleaners clean the houses. The residents don’t have to take turns cleaning the house. By outsourced professional cleaners cleaning the house and the residents following the house rules, the houses are kept clean.


Share houses have themes such as English, DIY, fitness, or outdoor activities etc. These attract people who share the same aspiration. Through an English lesson once a week, events, and daily conversations, living together, attracted by the concept, housemates feel comfortable with each other, and lead a fun shared life.

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A life of a share house cannot be described without mentioning networking. With Club 180°, a club leader holds monthly club activities, or Share 180 presents seasonal events every month. These activities and events give chances to meet new people beyond the house, fun memories, and great challenges.

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Friendly staff members

We have friendly staff members. Many are surprised how friendly our staff members are. Our staff have lived in share houses themselves. They can tell you what it really is like to live in a share house. Our staff members visit each share house once every few months, creating an opportunities to talk to the residents face to face.

Share 180°’s house lists according to theme

House list by concept

English Share House

Isn’t it hard to keep learning English if it’s not fun? Don’t worry. Our English learning themed share houses called ‘English Share’ offer the chance for someone who wants to learn English to share a house with native or near native English speakers. You can learn English by simply communicating in English with them. You will exchange language every day, through which you can learn to speak daily English. An outsourced native English teacher also visits the house and gives English lessons once a week for free.

Pets Welcome

You can’t find a pet welcome share house? Great news for such animal lovers. SHARE HOUSE180°offers share houses where you can live with your pets.

Simple & great value

Our share house concept is ‘a great value, simple living space’. We offer share houses with ‘high quality’ simplicity with all necessities provided. We offer reasonable rents while maintaining the high quality of the houses.

For people looking
for a place that changes their lives.
At Share 180, we provide a space where you can change your life..

Hours open 10:00〜19:00(7 days a week)

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